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Nina Lončar research collaborator

Scientific Personal Identification Number: 293426

HRZZ-epp: 85282ce6-f5b0-411c-b371-7dc05037b97e

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Dr. sc. Nina Lončar is a geographer, employed as an assistant professor at the Department of Geography, University of Zadar where currently she is Head of Chair for Applied geography.  She was born on 23 July 1977, in Zagreb, Croatia where she finished elementary school and high school. In 2002 she graduated in geography at Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. In 2012 she defended her PhD thesis (Isotopic composition of the speleothems from the Eastern Adriatic islands caves as an indicator of palaeoenvironmental changes) also at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. From 2006 on she is employed at Department of Geography, University of Zadar as assistant (2006-2013) and currently as an assistant professor (2013- ). She is lecturer on several courses: Regional geography of Latin America, Natural Hazards and Medical geography. She worked as geography teacher in several elementary schools (periodically between 2004 and 2006) and was employed at Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning as assistant in collaboration with non-governmental organizations (2002-2003). Her main research interests are: geomorphology, karstology, palaeoclimatology and environmental changes. She is highly skilled in using Geographical Information Systems. She attended MIT GIS workshop and courses in 2009 and has certificate in ESRI Arc GIS Desktop 1 and ESRI Arc GIS Desktop 2 (2011).

N. Lončar is author or co-author of 4 papers in SCI journals, 7 scientific papers in other journals and proceedings, 4 book chapters and 29 conference abstracts. At moment she has 30 citations, hindex 3 and i-10 index is 1. Currently she is supervising 4 diplomas and one PhD thesis. As a researcher she participated in 4 scientific projects as follows: Development of Certification System for Sustainable Tourism and its Application to Practical Condition of Pilot Destination in Bulgaria“ – Program SCOPES (2005. – 2008.), Croatian coastal karst area - geomorphological and geoecological features (2007-2009) and Geographical Bases for the Development of the littoral regions of Croatia (2007-2013), Reconstruction of the regional palaeoclimate change – speleothem records from the North Dalmatia (Croatia) supported by University of Zadar (2012-2015). Presently, she is the collaborator on the scientific project REQUENCRIM (HRZZ-IP-11-2013-1623) financed by the Croatian Science Foundation. Besides, she participated as research collaborator in several expert researches for Telašćica Nature Park (Geological and geomorphological inventarisation of Telašćica Nature Park, 2002–2003), North Velebit National Park (Exokarstic, glacial and periglacial relief forms in the area of the North Velebit National Park, 2003–2006), Paklenica National Park (Exokarstic, glacial and periglacial relief forms in the area of the North Velebit National Park, 2003-2006) and Mljet National Park (Paleoclimatic and speleological research of the caves on Mljet Island, 2010).

 Nina Lončar has established collaborations in academia with several institutions: Geological Survey of Israel, collaboration with Dr. Mira Bar-Matthews and Avner Ayalon in performing U-Th, δ18O, δ13C measurements on speleothems (2010); Department of Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Massachusets Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, collaboration with Dr. Jacob Waldbauer on stable isotope measurements (2009); The Laboratory of Archaeological Biochemistry, University of Harvard, collaboration with Prof. Noreen Tuross, T USA, 13C/12C analyses on soil samples, February 2009 and Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University, Starkville, USA Collaboration with Prof. John E. Mylroie (2008). So far she has been aworded with several research or professional grants and prizes: Unity Through Knowledge Fond, 2A Gaining Experience Grant, 2010; European Geosciences Union-Keith Runcorn Travel Award, 2010; The International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG/AIG) grant for young geomorphologists, 2007; Ministry of Science and Technology - financial support for young researchers, J2007 and Ministry of Science and Technology State scholarships for academic year 1998/1999 and 1999/2000.

In the period 2011-2013 she was secretary of Croatian Geographical Society – Zadar and since 2013 she is vice president of that society. She was member of organization committee of 2 scientific conferences and has been involved in the organization of other national and international meetings, and gave 12 public lectures organized by geographic institutions and companies.

Relevant papers in the last 5 years:

Surić, M., Lončarić, R., Lončar, N., Buzjak, N., Bajo, P., Drysdale, R. N. (2017): Isotopic characterization of cave environments at varying altitudes on the eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia)–Implications for future speleothem-based studies, Journal of Hydrology, 545, 367-380.

Čuka, A., Graovac Matassi, V., Lončar, N. (2012): Historijsko-geografske promjene u društveno-gospodarskom vrjednovanju ruralnih prostora Ravnih kotara–primjer Nadinskog područja (Hrvatska). Annales, Series historia et sociologia, 22(1), 1-14.

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